The cross of Cong

The cross of Cong was made in 1123 in Roscommon
at the order of the High King of Ireland of the time,
Turlough O'Conor. It is oak covered in plates of
gilt-bronze, and is highly decorated in interlacing
animals and serpents. It measures 30 inches tall
and 19 inches wide and was used as a processional
cross. It is said it contained a piece of the true cross.
There is an inscription which reads: In this cross is
preserved the cross on which suffered the Founder
of the World, and Pray for Turlough O'Conor, King
of Ireland, and Abbot O'Duffy, and for the artist
Maol Iosa O'Echan.
The cross is now on display in the
National Museum, Dublin.

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