Gifs, Jpegs and animations.

Below is an index of all the pictures that I have made myself for my web site.  You are welcome to save them  to your own computer (right click and "save as").  You are also free to use them but please give me credit if you do as they have taken me a lot of hard work to make.

Because the content of these pages is pictorial they take a long time to load.  Please be patient!

Gifs :Have a clear background usually and are ideal for placing on your own backgrounds.  

Gifs are also the format of animations.

Jpegs: Take up less space on your computer but cannot have transparent backgrounds.

Animal Pictures

Farm Animal Pictures

Bird Pictures

Bits and bobs

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Pictures 2

Christmas Pictures 3

Christmas Pictures 4

Christmas Pictures 5

Creepy pictures

Dog pictures

Fish Pictures

Flower pictures

Smaller flower pictures

Irish Pictures

Kids Pictures

Love Pictures

Mermaid Pictures

Mermaid Pictures 2

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Shell Pictures

Weed animations

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