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Main Courses

Pork in Guinness

Spiced Beef

Irish Stew

Roast leg of lamb and mustard

Dublin Coddle

Spiced Chicken with Whiskey and Pineapple


Gammon steaks with Whiskey sauce

Beef and Bacon Roll



Baked parsnips


Potato Cakes




Gaelic Souffle

Fruit Crumble

Bread and Butter Pudding

Tea Time

Guinness Fruit Cake

Whiskey Brack

Irish brown bread

Soda bread


Thick Shortbread





Hot Whiskey

Irish Coffee

1kg/2 lbs potatoes

60g/2 oz butter

60g/2 medium onions

250ml/1 cup light cream

6 rashers of streaky bacon, crisply fried

60 fl oz/3 pints/6 cups of half milk and half water or stock

salt and pepper


Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the sliced peeled onions and cook gently.
 Do not brown.  Add the peeled and sliced potatoes,
season to taste and add the milk and water or stock.
 Cover and cook gently for about one hour.  
Put into a liquidizer and blend till smooth.  
Add cream and gently reheat, but do not boil.

Serve with freshly chopped parsley on top, or chives or crisply fried bacon.

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500g/1lb Leeks thinly sliced

30g/1 oz butter

600ml/20 fl oz/1 pint liquid(1/2 milk and 1/2 water)

30g/1 oz porridge oats(oatmeal)

1 bay leaf

salt and pepper


Fry the leeks in butter till clear, about 3 minutes.
 Stir in oats and add liquid.
 Boil season and simmer for 5 minutes.

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1000g/2lbs onions

600ml/20 fl oz/1 pint water

600ml/20 fl oz/1 pint milk

30g/1 oz butter

thick slice of bread

salt and pepper


Slice and fry onions in butter till cooked but not browned.
Add water, salt and pepper and bread.  Bring to the boil and simmer 20 minutes.
Rub through a sieve or puree.
Return to saucepan with the milk and heat till almost boiling.


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250g/8oz smoked salmon

250g/8oz cream cheese

150ml/1/4 pint soured cream

2 tablespoons lemon juice

salt and pepper


Place all in a liquidizer and blend till smooth.  
Turn into a bowl and serve with crisp biscuits.

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4 Trout (1 per person)

1/4-1/2 bottle of white wine

1/2 lemon

125g/4oz/ 1/2 cup butter

40ml/2 tablespoonsful chopped parsley

salt and pepper


Mix the parsley into half of the butter and divide into 4 pats.
Put one pat into each cleaned fish.
 Place them in an ovenproof dish
and rub salt into them.
 Pour the wine around, cover and cook in
a moderate oven 350-400 F, Gas 4-5,150-175C for 20 minutes.
 Add the rest of the butter cut into small
pieces and the juice of the lemon.
 Cover and cook again for another 10 minutes.  
Can be served either hot or cold.
 If cold chill it well and the juice will turn to jelly.
 If hot serve with cauliflower sprigs
cooked in a little milk to barely cover,
with a knob of butter, salt and pepper.

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Clean the fish and put some parsley inside it.
 Rub butter into the outside.  
Place in an ovenproof baking dish, cover with foil.
 Cook for 10 minutes to the  500g/lb at 180C/350F/Gas4
Remove from oven and serve hot or cold.

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750g/1 1/2 lbs pork cubed

30ml/  2tablespoonsful oil

450ml/3/4 pint Guinness (1 bottle)

15ml/  1 tablespoonful cornflour

3 onions sliced

1 garlic clove crushed

150ml/  1/4 pint single cream


Season meat.  Heat oil and brown the meat.  add onions and garlic
and fry till lightly browned.  stir in guinness and simmer gently 1-1/2 hours.
 Blend cream and cornflour and stir into sauce.
 Bring to the boil and simmer, stirring, until the sauce thickens.
 Season and serve with rice.

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This is eaten traditionally at christmas in Ireland

To spice a  3kg/  6 lb joint of beef

3 bay leaves

5 ml/  1 teaspoon cloves

6 blades mace

5 ml/1 level teaspoons peppercorns

1 clove garlic

5 ml/1 teaspoon allspice

40 ml/  2 heaped tablespoons brown sugar

10 ml/2 heaped teaspoons saltpetre ( Potassium nitrite from a chemist/drugstore)

500g/1lb coarse salt


Rub all dry ingredients together, then pound in the bay leaves and garlic.
 Stand the meat in a glass dish and rub the spicing mixture into it.
 Do this every day for a week, taking the spicing
mixture from the bottom of the dish and turning the meat twice.

Then wash the meat and tie into a good cooking shape.

For cooking the meat you need:

3 sliced carrots

300ml/10 fl oz/1/2 pint Guinness

3 medium sliced onions

a bunch of mixed herbs

5 ml/1 teaspoonful each of ground cloves and allspice.


Sprinkle the meat with the allspice and cloves.
 Put in a large saucepan, on a bed of chopped vegetables.
 Barely cover with water.  Put the lid on and simmer for 5 hours.
 During the last hour add the Guinness.  Do not let it boil dry.

It can be eaten hot or cold.  At christmas it is usually served cold.  
So remove from the liquid and press under a plate and a weight on top.
 The carve into thin slices.

Quite often eaten on Christmas day for the meal
at which traditional Turkey and Ham is not

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There are lots of variations on irish stew.
 Originally they would add whatever was around at the time!
 Sometimes you'll get carrots or barley,
but my family prefer the original and in our opinion the best!!!

500g/ 1 lb mutton or lamb neck

2 onions

(increase this to same amount as potatoes)

1kg/  2 lbs potatoes

1 teaspoonful salt and pepper

300ml/  10 fl oz/  1/2 pint water


Put meat, onion and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
 Remove skum.  Simmer for 1/2 hour then add potatoes and seasoning..

Simmer for 1 hour. Serve.

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1-3lb leg of lamb

1 tsp. mustard powder

1 tbsp seasoned flour

60g/  2 oz dripping


Preheat oven to 180C/ 350 F/ Gas mark 4.  
Put the dripping into the roasting pan and place in the oven.
 Mix mustard powder with the flour.
 Wipe meat and rub all over with the flour mustard mixture.
 Remove tin from oven and roll the joint in the hot fat to sear.
 Place meat in the tin and return to oven for 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours.  Baste every 1/2 hour.
Serve with potatoes and vegetables of your choice.

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8 (1/4 inch thick) ham or bacon slices

1kg/  2 lbs Potatoes, peeled and sliced

4 large onions

8 pork sausages

4 tablespoonsful chopped parsley

salt and pepper


Boil the bacon or ham (cut in large chunks)and the sausages
in boiling water for 5 minutes.  Drain but keep the liquid.
 Put the meat into a heatproof oven dish,
with the thinly sliced onion, potatoes and the chopped parsley.
 Season., and add enough stock to barely cover.
 Lay greaseproof paper on top and put on the lid.
 Cook in a mod oven 200F/Gas 1/2 - 1 for about an hour
until the liquid is reduced by half, and all ingredients are cooked.
 Serve hot with soda bread.

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Serves 4

4 portions chicken

25g /  1 oz butter

5 ml/  1 level teaspoonful mild curry powder

3 ml/  1/2 teaspoonful mace(or nutmeg)

3 ml/  1/2 teaspoonful ground ginger

1 teaspoonful salt


1/2 fresh pineapple (you can use 1 tin)

1 small glass of Irish Whiskey

150ml/  5 fl oz/  1 gill/  1/4 pint unsweetened pineapple juice


Melt butter in a frying pan, fry chicken to seal it.
 Lower heat , add the spices ,and fry 8 minutes more, turning frequently.
 Remove chicken when cooked.  Add pineapple to the pan and fry till golden.
 Pour over the whiskey and ignite!
 Pour over the pineapple juice and simmer till sticky.  Serve with rice.

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Put the ham  in a large saucepan and cover in water
and boil -20 mins per 500g/1lb + 20 minutes.

Cut off most of the rind and fat.

Coat with brown sugar , a small amount of mustard
and mixed with a little cider and crisp in the oven at a high temperature.

Or coat in breadcrumbs and sugar and stick whole cloves into it.

Serve with vegetables and potatoes.

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4 gammon steaks

2 tbsps. very finely chopped onion

1 tbspoon. brown sugar

1 tbsp. Irish whiskey

25g/  1 oz flour

25g/  1 oz butter

150ml/  5 fl oz/  1/4 pt water or stock

salt and pepper


Brush steaks with melted butter.  Snip fat so it won't curl in cooking.
 Grill 7-8 minutes on each side.
To make sauce:-gently fry onions in remainder of butter till cooked.
 Remove from heat aand stir in flour gradually.  Add stock.  Return to heat.
 Add sugar and bring to boil.
 Simmer 2 minutes to cook the flour.  If sauce seems too thick add more water.
 Add whiskey and season to taste.
 Place gammon staeks on serving dish and pour over sauce.
Serve with potatoes and peas, carrots or cabbage.

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2kg/ 4lbs potatoes

500g/ 1lb cooked curly kale or savoy cabbage

30g/ 1 oz butter

300ml/  10 fl oz/  1/2 pint milk

6 chopped scallions (spring onions)


Peel and boil potatoes. Drain them and mash till smooth.
 Add scallions to milk and bring to boil. Add potato and beat well until fluffy.
 Beat in finely chopped kale and butter.
 Reheat if necessary.  Serve with butter.

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1 kg 250g / 2 1/2 lbs parsnips

50g/ 2 oz butter or bacon fat

3 tbsps stock

salt and pepper

pinch of nutmeg


Peel parsnips and remove any woody core.  Parboil for about 15 minutes.
 Place in an ovenproof dish.  Add stock and sprinkle with salt and pepper and the nutmeg.
 Dot with butter and bake for 30 minutes in a moderate oven.
 Generally parsnips are baked in the same oven as a roast meat dish at the same heat.

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500g/1lb minced lean beef

250g/1/2 lb minced bacon

125g/1/4 lb bread crumbs

1 egg

salt and pepper


Mix beef, bacon and crumbs add salt and pepper and mix in the beaten egg.
Mix well and form into a roll.  Flour and roll up in a cloth.  Tie up.
Put it in a saucepan of boiling water and cook for 2 hours.
 When cooked take off the cloth and roll well in breadcrumbs.

Serve cold in thin slices.

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500 ml/2 cups of freshly mashed potatoes

40 ml/2 tablespoons melted butter

80ml/4 tablespoons flour



Mash the potato well, add in the butter and then work in the flour.
 Salt to taste. Roll out on a floured surface and cut into 3 inch circles.
   Fry on a hot pan till golden, about 3 minutes on each side.
 Eat as part of a fried meal, with egg and bacon,
or nice for tea with just the butter, or also with strawberry jam!!

You can also make them with a little chopped onion in the mixture.

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750g/  1 1/2 lbs freshly cooked mashed potatoes

one finely chopped onion, or 2 leeks
or 10 spring onions cooked in 1/2 cup of milk till soft

salt and pepper

cold milk and butter to serve


Cook the potatoes well.  Chop the onion etc and cook till soft in the milk.  
Mash the potatoes till smooth and add the oniony-milk mixture.
 Mix till light , fluffy and smooth.

To serve put a pile of the potatoes on the plate and mould into a volcano.
Make a well in the center.  Into the well add a knob of butter
and fill up with cold milk.  To eat take pieces with a fork off
the outside and dip into the well.
 This makes a tasty and filling supper meal.Its a family favourite with us!

In the war they used nettles instead of onions.

This is mostly a northern Ireland.
 To make a more substantial meal a raw egg can
be broken into the middle, the heat of the potato will cook it.

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250g/  1/2 lb raw potato

250g/  1/2 lb cooked potato

250g/  1/2 lb plain flour

a little milk

1 egg

salt and pepper


Grate raw potatoes and mix in the cooked mashed ones.  Add salt, pepper and flour.
 Beat egg and add to mixture with enough milk to make a dropping consistancy.
 Drop tablespoonfuls onto a hot griddle or frying pan.  
Cook over moderate heat for about 3-4 minutes each side.

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Thanks to my Mum for this recipe she invented.

3 eggs

125g/4 oz caster sugar

150ml/5 fl oz/1 gill/1/4 pint   milk

30g/1 oz gelatin

300ml/10 fl oz/1/2 pint evaporated milk or cream

150ml/5 fl oz/1 gill/1/4 pint   very strong black coffee

60g/3 tablespoons Irish Whiskey


Prepare souffle dish, using greaseproof paper band on a small dish.
 Brush dish and band with cold water.

Dissolve gelatin in the hot coffee.  Add the whiskey and leave to cool.
 Put the egg yolks sugar and milk in a basin over boiling water and
whisk till thick and light.  Add coffee mixture.  Whisk evaporated milk or cream
and whisk egg whites separately.  Fold evaporated milk into the mixture.
 Wait for signs of setting.  If necessary beat again and finally fold in egg whites.
 Pour into the prepared souffle dish, and leave to set firmly.
 Decorate with lightly whipped cream on top.

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125g/4 oz / 1/4 lb plain flour

90g/3 oz margarine

60g/2 oz sugar

fruit-apples, rhubarb , pineapple (fresh or tinned works)

4-5 tablespoons sugar


Slice or chop fruit and place in the bottom of a greased pie dish,
sprinkle with the 4-5 tablespoons sugar.
 A little cinnamon or cloves can be added to the apples if liked.
 Rub the margarine into the flour to make crumbs.
 Add sugar.Spread on top of the fruit.
 Bake in a moderate oven 180C/350 F/ Gas 4  for approx. 45 minutes.
 Serve with whipped cream or custard.

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2-3 slices bread

45g/1 1/2 oz castor sugar

60g/2 oz sultanas (dried green grapes)

450ml/15 fl oz/3/4 pint milk

2 eggs



Butter the pie dish.
 Butter the slices of bread and cut into small squares or triangles
and layer in the pie dish, with the sugar and dried fruit.
 Arrange the last layer of bread butter side up
.  Heat milk and pour it over the beaten egg.
 Pour the custard over the bread and add nutmeg if liked.
 Leave to soak for 1/2 to 1 hour.
 Bake in a moderate oven  180    C/375F/ Gas 4   
till the custard is set and top browned, approx.40-45 minutes.

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250g/8 oz/1/2 lb  butter

250g/8 oz /1/2 lb soft brown sugar

4 lightly beaten eggs

315g/10 oz plain flour

10ml/2 level teaspoons mixed spice...
. Sieve the flour and spice together

250g/8 oz seedless raisins

250g/8 oz sultanas

125g/4 oz chopped cherries

125g/4 oz chopped walnuts

160-240 ml/8-12 tablespoonsful Guinness


Cream the butter and sugar together.
 Gradually beat in the eggs with 1 or 2 tablespoonsful
of the flour, to stop it curdling.
 Fold in flour and mixed spice.
 Add raisins, sultanas, cherries and nuts and mix well.  
Stir in 4 tablespoons Guinness and mix to a soft dropping consistency.
 Add more Guinness if necessary.Turn into a 7 inch round cake tin.
 Bake in a moderate oven  325 F/160 C/ Gas 3  for 1 hour.
Reduce heat 300 F/150 C/ gas 2 and cook a further 1 1/2 hours.
 Cover top of the cake with a piece of foil to prevent burning.
When you remove it from the oven prick the top with a skewer
all over and pour on 4-8 tablespoons Guinness .  
When cool pour over3-4 tablespoons brandy if liked.
Can be frozen if required.
 Also keeps very well and does not need to" mature" before being used.
 It can be iced with almond paste and royal icing if needed.  
I use this cake every year for our Christmas cake and it always works well.
 It was also used for my Wedding cake.

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Bracks were traditionally made for halloween and used to have
various charms baked in them.
 The ring meant the person who found it would get married in the year,
 the rag, the person would be poor etc.

This amount makes 3 loaves.

500g/1 lb (3 cups) sultanas (dried white grapes)

500g/1 lb (2 1/3 cups) firmly packed brown sugar.

500g/1 lb (3 cups) raisins

3 cups milkless tea/ or half tea half whiskey /or half tea half sherry


Soak fruit and sugar in the liquid over night.

Next day:

Add 500g/1 lb (4 cups) flour

3 beaten eggs

15ml/3 level teaspoons baking powder

If a spiced brack is liked add 15ml/3 teaspoons mixed spice.

Turn into 3 greased 1lb loaf tins, and bake for 1 1/2 hours in a
mod oven 150 C/300F/Gas 2

These keep very well in a polythene bag in the fridge because of the drink content.
 They also freeze very well.

Serve buttered  thin slices for tea.

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275g/10oz wholewheat flour

175g/6oz strong plain white flour

2 teaspoons sugar, not traditional but optional

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

about 300 ml/ 1/2 pint of milk

(or instead of these last two use sour milk. Bought not left to go sour!)

Put wholewheat flour in a large bowl and sieve in all other dry ingredients.
Mix to a soft dough with a little of the milk, adding extra if needed. The dough should be soft but not wet.
With floured hands knead the dough till smooth, then flatten it into a lage circle
about 3.5 cm/ 1 1/2 inches thick. Put on a greased tray and score a large cross on the top.
Bake in a moderately hot oven, Gas 5, 375 F, 190 C, for about 40 minutes.
When it is fully cooked if you lift it off the tray and tap the bottom it should make a dull thud sound.
Eat within a couple of days.
Eat buttered with both sweet and savory things, jams, smoked salmon etc.
Also freezes well for up to 6 months.

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450g/1lb/4 cups plain flour

5ml/1tsp salt

5ml/1tsp bicarbonate of soda

400ml/14 fluid ounces/ 1 2/3 cups buttermilk


Preheat oven to 230C/ 450F/ Gas 8.

Sift flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda in a bowl.  Make a well in the centre and pour in the buttermilk.
Using your hand mix the milk into the other ingredients to give a soft dough.  It should not be sticky.  
Turn onto a floured board and knead lightly till smooth.  Shape into a round about 4 cm/ 1 1/2 inches high.
 Cut a deep cross on top and place on a floured baking tray.
Bake for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 200C/ 400F/ Gas 6 and bake for 30 minutes.
To test if cooked tap underside of the loaf which should sound hollow.
Makes one loaf.
Great served with butter and jam, or to accompany a stew type meal.

(You must use buttermilk in this.  If you cannot get it use sour milk or add a few teaspoons of lemon juice to ordinary milk.)

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( these are what we call scones
which are eaten with butter and jam or
clotted cream and jam for tea.
 Americans call them biscuits)

250g/8 oz/1/2 lb self raising flour

3ml/1/2 level teaspoonful salt

60g/2 oz butter

150ml/5 fl oz/ 1 gill/1/4 pint milk

Extra milk for brushing


Sift flour and salt into a bowl.  Rub in the butter finely.  Add milk all at once.
 Mix to a soft but not too sticky dough,
with a knife or spoon.Turn onto a floured board.  Roll out to 1/2 inch thick.
 cut into rounds with a cutter.
 Place on a buttered baking tray.  Brush tops with milk.  
Bake towards top of the oven 450F/ Gas 8 for 7 to 10 minutes
(or until risen and brown.).

Cool on a wire rack and serve with butter.

Cheese scones:

Follow the above recipe but add 5 ml/1 level teaspoonful dry mustard
(English) and a pinch of cayenne pepper with the flour.
 Mix in  60g/2 oz finely grated cheddar cheese before adding the milk.

9 to 10 scones.

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220g/7 oz butter

250g/8 oz /1/2 lb flour

125g/4 oz sugar

90g/3 oz ground rice


Beat butter to a cream, add all other ingredients.
Mix well with a wooden spoon.
 When smooth roll out flat to about 1 inch thick/2 cm
  and cut into circles with a cutter,or fingers or triangles.
 Prick holes in the top with a fork.
 Bake at 350 F/ 180 C/ Gas 4  for 10 -15minutes.
 Sprinkle with caster sugar when cool.

Keep in an airtight tin.
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90g/3 oz butter or margarine

90g/3 oz caster sugar

2 rounded tablespoonsful of golden syrup

150g/5 oz rolled (porridge) oats


Mix all together well and
turn into a greased shallow tin (7 inches square is ideal)

Cook in a moderate oven 190C/375 f/gas mark 5
 for 25 minutes.  Cut into fingers.
 Cool in the tin then store in airtight tin.

Makes 12

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500g/16 oz/1 lb flour

250g/8 oz/1/2 lb brown sugar

185g/6 oz butter or margarine

3/4 lb treacle or golden syrup

300ml/10 fluid oz/1/2 pint milk

1 egg

7 ml/1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger

10ml/2 teaspoons baking powder

3ml/1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda(bread soda)

3ml/1/2 teaspoon salt


Sieve all dry ingredients.
 Warm the sugar, fat and treacle or syrup without overheating.
 Warm milk and beat the egg.  Combine all ingredients, mixing thoroughly.
 Pour into a greased and lined loaf or cake tin.
 Bake in a moderate oven 180C/350F/Gas 4
for about 1 1/2 hours, or until the centre is firm.
 (check by piercing centre with a skewer,
if it comes out clean the centre is cooked)

Freezes well.

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500g/1 lb flour

90g/3oz sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp.salt

2 eggs

450ml/  15 fl oz/  3/4 pt. buttermilk


Mix all dry ingredients together.  Beat the eggs and add the buttermilk.
 Mix well into the dry ingredients.
 Cook tablespoons on a hot griddle or frying pan.
 Turn over when the underside is cooked and cook second side.
 Serve warm with sugar and lemonjuice, golden syrup or butter and jam.

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Boiling water

1 teaspoonful brownsugar

1 large measure Irish whiskey

Slice lemon

6 cloves

pinch nutmeg and/ or cinnamon


Fill glass with boiling water to heat,
then pour water away.
 fill glass 2/3 full with fresh boiling water,
add the sugar and dissolve it.
 Add the whiskey, the lemon slice,
cloves, cinnamon and or nutmeg.


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1 double measure of Irish Whiskey

1cup strong black coffee

5ml/1 heaped teaspoonful sugar

approx.20ml/1 tablespoonful double cream


Firstly warm a stemed Irish coffee glass, by filling with hot water.
 Then put in the sugar and enough coffee to dissolve the sugar.  
Stir well  Add the Irish Whiskey to fill within an inch of the brim.
 Now the hard bit.
. Hold a teaspoon curved side up over the glass,
then pour the cream over it into the glass.
 It should float.  Do not stir in the cream.



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